Albums Recent Releases: 2010-2019


Released TBC 20xx
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Prior Phanerozoic Eon

Released December 2019
Two lengthy drone pieces dedicated to the era prior to the Phanerozoic Eon. Released on Aural Films.

1. Stratigraphic I - Detrital Zircons 31:58
2. Stratigraphic II - Faux Amphibolites 30:37


Released May 2018
A new suite of recordings dedicated to Cepheus, a constellation in the northern sky which is named after a King in the Greek mythology.
Released on Aural Films.

1. Bellerophon 11:05
2. Fomalhaut 11:51
3. Kappa Coronae Borealis 23:52
4. Draugr 12:14

The Static Past

Released August 2017
Experimental orchestral dark drones. Inspired by the effects of the aging process.
Released on Aural Films.

1. Entrance 6:30
2. Circular Lives Replaying 10:42
3. Where Memories Pause 4:13
4. There Are Voices In The Static 10:13
5. Dissolving Connections 10:00
6. Once Was Light 5:35
7. Sepia Vision 12:18
8. Longing 9:38

Terra Australis

Released June 2017
Experimental ambient collaboration with Jack Hertz inspired by the hypothetical continent from antiquity.
Released on Aural Films.

1. Nondum Cognita 32:23
2. Mercator Macrobius 16:52
3. Opusculum Geographicum - Part I 9:10
4. Opusculum Geographicum - Part II 7:57
5. Opusculum Geographicum - Part III 8:40

Dark Matter

Released November 2016
This long-form minimal ambient piece takes inspiration from this hidden and subliminal phenomenon and is thus mastered to be played at low volume.
Released on Aural Films.

1. Dark Matter 59:32


Released July 2016
Sombre dark-ambient explorations to guide sepulchral wandering and reflect upon the tradition of ancient magickal rites. Headphones are required to achieve the necessary states.
Released on Aural Films.

1. Marked Upon The Resin Air 22:34
2. Raven Claws Are Tied & Bound 20:16


Released November 2015
Long-form psychedelic guitar drone release inspired by Pluto's moon system.
Low level playback on headphones is recommended to summon thoughts of vast distances and icy plains.
Released on Aural Films.

1. Hydra 14:59
2. Styx 16:25
3. Charon 26:59


Released November 2015
Dark Space-Ambient excursions including a lengthy experimental piece.
Available via Bandcamp.

1. Haumea 8:50
2. Rhadamanthus 8:00
3. Borasisi 8:00
4. Teharonhiawako 37:34

Contemplation 2

Released January 2015
Recorded throughout 2014.
Second in the subliminal-drift series, this long form piece features processed lap steel guitar and is intended for low level playback.
Available via Free Floating.

1. Contemplation 2: Form In Void 50:24

Crossing The Hollow Space

Released November 2014
Explores the inner dark realms formed during fevered half-sleep.
Released on the Aural Films label.

1. They Hide Within Walls 15:32
2. Withdrawal And Solitude 13:58
3. An Unknown Fluid 20:16

Nocturnal Panorama

Released October 2013
A series of dark dronescapes to represent Mars and other cosmic entities.
Available via Aural Films.

1. Chryse Planitia 19:03
2. Gamma Arietis 29:33
3. Cepheid Variable 26:17

Voices In The Dust

Released November 2012
Cycling murky & shadowy vistas.
Second release on Darkwinter.

Part I: Temple of Bone 13:00
Part II: Congregation 5:23
Part III: Sunken Operetta 8:25
Part IV: Known by the Shadow Cast 10:52
Part V: Gilded Fugue State 11:00
Part VI: Wreath 14:49
Part VII: A Fabric that Stings 9:25

Voices In The Dust - Drone Version

Released November 2012
Sister release to Voices In The Dust. This single-track drone version is available for free download via and contains different elements.

1. Voices In The Dust - Drone Version 64:20

Contemplation 1

Released October 2011
Long form piece featuring processed lap steel guitar.
Intended for low level playback.
First subliminal Drift piece available via Free Floating.

1. Contemplation 1 : Void In Form 51:37


Recorded 2010
An icy orchestral album inspired by isolation and the incredible human endurance of parties involved in polar expeditions of the early 1900's.
Recorded throughout 2010.
Released January 2011 on Earth Mantra.

1. Polar Night 19:41
2. Nimrod 7:10
3. Ice 13:35
4. The Cape 10:44
5. Midwinter 19:06