Appearances & Miscellaneous 2009 - 2017

Hidden Anquish

Released 2017, duration 9:06
An exclusive horror-drone track available on the No Records compilation Screams.


Released 2017, duration 20:10
An exclusive aquatic-ambient piece with choirs available on the No Records compilation In Abyssum.

Lava Bubbles For Sale

Released 2016, duration 1:24
An exclusive retro electronic track available on the Aural Films compilation Biography - Raymond Scott.

Looking Back

Released 2016, duration 9:59
An exclusive track available on the final Free Floating compilation Reflection.

From A Seed

Released 2015, duration 11:10
Experimental Ambient track recorded in 2015 for This Music Plants Trees compilation on the Sound For Good record label.

Return To Blackwater

Released 2014, duration 25:10
Dark Ambient long form track originally recorded in 2013, released 2014 on Soundcloud.


Released 2013, duration 4:24
An exclusive track available on the Relaxed Machinery compilation Butterfly Effects.


Released 2012, duration 8:14
An exclusive track available via the Free Floating compilation All Is Calm 2012.


Released 2011, duration 8:33
An exclusive ambient piece available on the Free Floating compilation Conception. The full compilation album can also be streamed on youtube.


Released 2010, duration 4:26
An exclusive short orchestral-ambient work available on the Ambient Collective release Pure.

Dry Whisperings Of The Dead

Released 2010, duration 5:39
An exclusive drone piece on the Ambient Collective release Halloween.

Fire Upon The Crooked Cross

Released 20010, duration 7:32
Contibuted to the Dark Duck Drone Download Project, #218.


Released 2010, duration 10:15
A long-form subliminal Drift piece available via the Ambient Collective compilation Personikal.


Released 2010, duration 7:12
An exclusive ambient-drone track with processed guitar available on The Eight-Thousanders 2.

Layer 2

Released 2010, duration 20:03
Contribution to Layer 2 of Sonic Strata 2.


Released 2010, duration 7:38
An exclusive warm-ambient piece released on Serene Files 2.

Underground Surgery

Released 20010, duration 6:54
Contibuted to the Dark Duck Drone Download Project, #213.

Part I & III

Released 2009, duration 46:30/19:47
Contibutions to Part I and III on the compilation Sonic Strata.


Released 2009, duration 8:32
Exclusive ambient lap-steel piece released on Serene Files 1.

Scorpio & Sagittarius

Released 2009, duration 10:27/10:04
Two exclusive ambient pieces available on Zodiac.