Appearances & Miscellaneous 2004 - 2009

Decay Of Strangeness

Released 2009, duration 7:38
Exclusive cosmic-drone track available on Quarks.

Blue Field Navigation

Released 2008, duration 8:18
Exclusive drone piece released on Drone Download Project - Year 6.

Horizon - Part 3

Released 2007, duration 7:00
Exclusive ambient contribution with harp to the Horizon compilation.

Wood Nymph

Released 2007, duration 8:39
Exclusive light ambient contribution with flute to the Light compilation.

Rifts Form Upon The Earth

Released 2007, duration 8:41
Exclusive dark ambient contribution to the Dark compilation.


Released 2006, duration 7:49
Piano ambient piece originally released on the compilation Places Of Importance.

By Shadowed Cliffs

Released 2006, duration 6:31
An exclusive drone track released by Dark Duck & available via the Drone Download Project - Year 4.

Black Movement Over A Dark Starfield

Released 2006, duration 9:53
An exclusive drone track released with issue #32 of Sequences Magazine.

Red Giant

Released 2006, duration 5:49
An exclusive space-ambient piece available on the compilation Infinite Space.

Late Narcotic Phase

Released 2006, duration 3:50/8:54
Remixed edits of two tracks from the Ephemeral Night Pulse album.
a-side: Late Narcotic Phase (single version)
b-side: The Motion Of Dark Elysian Waves (single version)


Released 2005, duration 6:38
Soundtrack to a short Australian documentary about an electricity company dispute.

Sirens Of The Sea

Released 2005, duration 4:31/8:30
Remixed edits of tracks off Ephemeral Night Pulse & Abstractus Somnarium.
a-side: Sirens Of The Sea (single version)
b-side: The Clouds Of Magellan (edit)

Garden Of Thought

Released 2005, duration 5:48/4:15
Remixed/re-edited track & a new version of Particle Warp with piano & choirs.
a-side: Garden Of Thought (single version)
b-side: Particle Warp II

Endless Drift

Released 2005, duration 7:12/3:44
An early mix backed by remixed/re-edited track off To Resonate & Glow.
a-side: Endless Drift (early mix)
b-side: Mirroring Space & Time - Edit

Return To Water

Released 2005, duration 4:32/5:55
B-Side is re-recorded version with additional piano, synth and brass.
a-side: Return To Water
b-side: Symbol Of Inner Duality (Version 2)

Dark Wings Of Rusalka

Released 2005, duration 6:31/2:46
Early mixes of tracks from the To Resonate & Glow album.
a-side: The Dark Wings Of Rusalka (early mix)
b-side: Revelations Of The Discarnate (early mix)

Organic Fields

Released 2005, duration 4:11/3:25
Early mixes of two orchestral-ambient tracks.
a-side: Organic Fields (early mix)
b-side: Flooded Celestial Realms (early mix)


Released 2004, duration 2:18/6:19
Exclusive vocal track backed by remixed/re-edited track from Lava Planet.
a-side: Crocodile
b-side: Pre-ordained (remixed edit)

The Matador

Released 2004, duration 3:26/5:41
Remixed and re-edited Obscure Directions tracks.
a-side: The Matador
b-side: Sea Shanty

Road To Shivers

Released 2004, duration 2:01/5:14
Guitar driven vocal piece with a remixed track on the b-side.
a-side: Road To Shivers
b-side: Sand (remix)